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Relevant information about our clinical development activities is provided below. At Desitin, we are proud of the fact that for decades we have consistently produced global innovations that have considerably improved and simplified drug treatment for doctors and patients, and have already become standard treatments. These innovations, which were and are always developed in close […]

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Pharmaceuticals are developed, manufactured, procured, and tested at Desitin’s Hamburg site under modern conditions and then shipped to our customers worldwide. The comprehensive laws, regulations, and standards conforming to AMG, AMWHV, cGXP, etc. are mapped in a modern process-oriented and flexible organisation. Falsified Medicines Directive (Directive 2016/62/EU) Desitin is compliant with Directive 2016/62/EU. All products […]

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Desitin Pharmaceuticals GmbH – galenic innovation for over 40 years 2011 Levetiracetam Desitin The first levetiracetam minitablets worldwide (approved administration form: film-coated granules in sachets) 2010  Sumavel® DosePro® The first ready-to-use, needle free injector for sumatriptan in Europe* 2009 Topiramat Desitin quadro The first quartered topiramate tablet worldwide 2008 Apydan extent The first modified release formulation […]

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Desitin’s straightforward approach together with the quality of its products from own development and licensors consequently lead to its high reputation within its main target group – neurologists – as shown in the results of the survey performed in Germany in 2013. Desitin is starting to build a reputation in the UK.

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Pharmaceutical innovations developed by Desitin as well as the launch of new chemical entities licenced from partners represent corporate milestones throughout Desitin’s history. None of the products shown are available in the UK at this time from Desitin.

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